onsdag 7. mars 2012

Utvalgt hos CSI!

Må nesten skryta litt eg. Tenk eg blei valgt ut som ein "most wanted" første gang eg deltok der! 

Det var LOen til case # 8 som blei valgt ut. Tusen tusen takk!

Og dette var det dei sa om LOen:

"Arnlaug's charming photos were what first caught our eye. And then we noticed the whimsical clouds and sun. And then the layering of the different polka dot prints. And the cool ink splatters. And all the fun little surprises tucked into the layers. This sweet layout, at first glance "Simple" in design, has so much depth and interest! We think Arnlaug's page is so fresh and happy and delightful. It put a big smile on our faces!"
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