onsdag 14. mars 2012

Fotograf anno 2011

I LOVE the challenges at CSI so for the third week in a row I've scrapped the challenge:-) This is my take on case nr 10:-)

Last summer our oldest daughter Helle Alida was two years old so we took her to the
photographer and got some amazing shots! Some of the photos look really vintage and it's unusual two see her so still and serious as in this picture. She's always goofing around;-) But we adore this photo!

This colour scheeme is rather unusual for me, with all the green, but I really like the result. I've coloured the flowers and the "nuperell" (the piece of a tablecloth) with ink and painted the letters. I didn't get quite the pink that's in the case file but this one matched the rest I think. 

As evidence I have used : 
Fabric, the "Nuperell behind the flowers.
Metal: the jewelry pendant. I decorated it whith a vintage image with epoxy sticker on top.
Glass; the epoxy sticker.

As testimony:
Here I choosed to shed light on your subject and discribed my girl in some words. She is; 2 years, beautiful, sweet, smart, funny, stubbern, always talking, a thinker, caring, loud and

And here is the case file:

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