søndag 15. januar 2017


This year I decided to attend a year long art class called Wandelust. And I am LOVING it so far!

The first page was all about finding a statement for this year. First we had to sit down and just write, don't overthink our writing but just write out what we feel and what we want for this year attending this class. Then we should take a look at the writing and find the words that means a lot or that's repeating.

My statement for the year became this:

To embrace my inner soul through art and break free.

Then we should find photos that means something special for us. I chose photos taken by our summerhouse on and island far out in the sea. I have always loved the sea, and whenever I was sad or angry growing up, I reached for the sea for comfort.

So this is my blue page. I hope this is the start of a beautiful journey at Wanderlust.

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