tirsdag 30. september 2014

Art journal - The shadow of love...

I finally found inspiration to play in my art journal again:-) I just love art journaling, it's such a great therapy for dealing with all sorts of feelings.

I have arthritis and transition from summer to winter can be a hard time. I both love and hate autumn. The crisp air, the colors, the nice evenings cuddeling with my family is something to treasure, but my body don't agree with it.. I feel lots of ambivilant thougths meeting autumn and I have a fear about how this winter will be..

I'm entering multiple challenges with this. I hope it's within everybodys rules (if not I'm so sorry).
Hope you all like it:-)

Scandinavia paper fun
with the word "atumn",
gauchealchemy with a gorgeous mood board. In the mood board I was inspired by the colors and the rustic feel.
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3 kommentarer:

  1. I love love love this page! I've been obsessed with art journaling too lately. :) I hope your arthritis isn't too bad this season! Thanks for playing along with the Gauche Alchemy challenge!

  2. Herlig AJ Arnlaug, den sier så mye, og er helt fantstisk satt sammen. Takk for at du er med på vår høst utfordring. klemm jorunn

  3. Helt otrolig! Fantastisk! Jag är djupt imponerad av er som har denna konstnärliga ådra och kan få ihop något i den här stilen! Mycket, mycket fint!


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