onsdag 5. februar 2014


Å for ei herlig scrappehelg! Det er så godt og få scrappa masse på ein gong:-) Tusen takk CASA for alle supre oppgåver:-)

What a great craft weekend! So much fun scrapping so much in a short weekend. Thank you CASA:-)

The first task was a quick tag. It had to be monocromatic and with the mothersday in mind. 

 Then there was a sketch from Scrapfriends. 

My take on the sketch: 

The challenge I liked the most was a lift of one of my favorite norwegian scrappers, Elis@beth.

Lots of Purple Pumpkin goodies on this one:-)

A card made by a using the colors of a gorgeous ocean colors palette:-) On this card I used one of my gorgeous Art Anthology paint and sprays:-)

A clean and simple layout. Sometimes I just love this style:-)

And last but not least some smashing:-D

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