søndag 22. desember 2013

"Gift of life" - art journaling

Ok, I'm hooked! On gelli printing:-) It's just so much fun! It gives you a new suprise everytime you print a new layer and the paper becomes more and more beautiful.

This double spread in my journal I made for the latest challenge at 13arts. The challenge was to be inspired by the word "gift" and incorporate a piece of wrapping paper in your project. There also had to be use  at least one medium in the project. 

This art journal project is about different kinds of love and how it is the gift of life..

(sorry about the bad quality in the picture, but there isn't any daylight here in Norway this time of year..)

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5 kommentarer:

  1. A beautiful page in your journal! Thank you for playing along with 13 arts :)

  2. Such a lovely page! Thank you for playing along with 13 arts.

  3. I love your projects, and this is good as always!
    Thank you for your work along with 13 Arts))

  4. To very pretty! Great mix of colors! Thanks for joining along with 13arts :)


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